House Painting to Deter Pests

Did you know that the color of paint you choose for you home could actually have
an effect on the kind of pests have to deal with? No one wants to constantly clean
bird droppings off the side of their house or be swatting away mosquitoes as they
prepare for bed. Of course, creepy, crawly insects scooting along the floor doesn’t
make for a comfortable home either. Here are a few ways you can choose colors
based on the kind of pests you want to repel. This article was written by Painterly.

In a lot of urban areas, birds are a major pest, since they feed on trash, use
houses for roosts and scratch at windows to try to get into the kitchen. If you
leave your windows open sometimes, they may even fly inside and create quite a
mess. So which colors do you use to keep the birds away?

Well, birds are attracted to bright colors. Painterly say,” these colors alert them to food sources such as flowers. Dull colors, such as brown, green and gray, will feel comfortable
to them. They know that these colors often disguise them from predators.”

So, if you want to keep the birds at bay, your best choice is to go with white. Birds
feel a sense of danger around the color white, as it exposes them, and it doesn’t
look like any food source they make use of.

These pests carry all sorts of diseases and they can irritate your skin and get into
very small openings. Anytime you have standing water, you are likely to have
mosquitoes nearby. That’s all they need to have a great home for their eggs to
grow in.

Mosquitoes are able to see darker hues best of all. So, if you want to make your
home unappealing them, paint it in lighter shade. White is perfect, but light blue,
red, yellow or any other fairly soft shade will do just fine. That doesn’t mean that
if you use one of these colors you will never have mosquitoes, but you can
certainly cut down on how many of them are flying around your house, if you
make it harder for them to notice.

Other bugs and insects are interested in brightly-colored things. Most bugs tend
to see in the ultraviolet spectrum, and their food sources often show up as bright
to them. So, if your house is colored in some bright hue, then you can expect to
see more of them than if you chose a softer or more neutral tone.

You may not find a color that is perfect for keeping away all kinds of pests, and
you may just want to focus on one kind over another. Identify the types of pests
that are a problem in your area and try to incorporate this knowledge into your
paint-buying decisions. You won’t have a pest-free home just by painting your
house a different color, but you can defiantly reduce their presence in and on
your home with strategic color choices.